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SureSmile QT

Lingual Braces with SureSmile QT

Hide your braces, not your smile!

SureSmile QT is a revolutionary approach to orthodontics for those who prefer a more discreet option for a beautiful, healthy smile. With SureSmile QT lingual braces, brackets and wires are placed on the inside, or lingual side, of your teeth. These braces are hidden from sight, but you still get the full benefits of SureSmile treatment accuracy.

suresmile qt

  • Lingual braces are completely hidden behind the teeth and, unlike clear braces or aligners, are not visible from the front
  • SureSmile QT lingual braces are perfect for teens and adult who want to improve their smile without sacrificing aesthetics
  • Patients who take advantage of SureSmile QT get the same accurate and advanced 3-D imaging, virtual simulations, and robotically bent archwires customized for each individual treatment.
  • Because of SureSmile’s advanced technology, patients using SureSmile QT can still have shorter overall treatment times and fewer office visits.
  • SureSmile QT uses the same custom SureSmile archwire which provides smoother movement for a more comfortable experience than traditional braces.