Why Choose Us?

Our service is special because we concentrate on the entire face. Not only the teeth and gums, but everything around them. Dr. Monacell uses the most advanced methods to improve the shape of your jaw and make more room for your teeth. Because of this total approach, he rarely recommends extractions, which can negatively change the entire facial appearance. We work to bring your teeth, gums, facial bones, jaw joints and muscles into harmony so you will look and feel your best!

Dr. Monacell has been practicing orthodontics for over 35 years and is committed to continuing education. He prides himself on his countless hours of dedication to higher learning.

Dr. Monacell looks at the entire face, not just the teeth. The teeth and smile are harmonized with the proper facial balance, resulting in more than straight teeth, but a WOW smile…a smile with PRESENCE!

We treat the jaw joint and the bite so that your result is not only beautiful, but functional and healthy. Dr. Monacell is a TMJ specialist. The jaw joint is examined at the initial visit for potential dysfunction. His approach is holistic and goes well beyond just “straightening teeth”. Dr. Monacell is now treating TMJ problems in his Richmond Dental Sleep Medicine practice. Learn more at www.richmonddsm.com.

Our chairside technicians are certified orthodontic assistants. Each has been through extensive training to achieve this special recognition. Our office is the only one in this area that has all of its orthodontic assistants certified.

We use only new appliances, never recycled braces.

There is always someone available when you need help. Dr. Monacell or a Clinical Staff Member will be available after-hours for emergency calls. We are there when you need us.

This is where many of the area dentists, their families and their staff come for their orthodontic care.

We never cut corners with patient care. We use the best materials and the most advanced technology available.

We maintain a caring attitude in our practice. Dr. Monacell and the staff insist on it. Each patient is encouraged with incentives and individual coaching to achieve the best treatment results. Dr. Monacell sees each patient at every visit.

Dr. Monacell feels that you or your child should receive the same quality-conscious care that he would provide to a member of his own family. That is why we arrange flexible payment options so you can get the level of care that you or your child deserves.

We involve our patients in their care and progress through our conversations at each visit.

Our staff is highly trained in the most innovative techniques so that your experience in our office is of the utmost quality and perfection. Using the latest technology enables us to have most of our patients finished on time or ahead of schedule. It also allows us to do less wire changes and you have fewer appointments.

Our offices are conveniently located off Interstate 295, just 15 minutes apart. Plus, each office has plenty of convenient parking.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to be the best orthodontic practice in Virginia. We will be at the absolute forefront in quality, innovation, and deserving of inspired patient and parent support. Our mission is fueled by a passion for conducting our practice with those who share our values, including respect for each individual, integrity, and exceeding our patients and parents expectations. We are 100% committed to providing exceptional care and customer service to our patients and referring offices.