If you have ever wondered when orthodontics got its start, look back to the 1920s. It was then that George Crozat, a New Orleans dentist, invented the “Crozat brace.” This was a removable, soldered wire device that patients could put in and take out of their mouths. It would be 40 years before this popular device was replaced with the “tin grin” orthodontic bands that encircled each tooth. Now, flash ahead to today, when we are seeing braces minimized to the use of a small bracket attached to each tooth. Now, we also have Invisalign clear aligners, which move teeth in small movements by switching the clear aligners to a new one every week. As a result, orthodontic treatment requires fewer office visits, and patients enjoy greater comfort. A lot of the treatment appointments can even be done virtually! How times have changed!

Appliances can be removable or fixed, made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. Most patients adjust to treatment quickly and are not hampered in any way. Call or text us at (804) 746-0918 to schedule a complimentary consultation, in-office or virtual! You can also visit our website at www.monacellortho.com. We treat adults and children of all ages and we have 2 offices, conveniently located in Mechanicsville/Hanover and Sandston.

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