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Whether you are looking for traditional silver braces, the discreet and removable Invisalign® system, or the sophisticated AcceleDent® device (used to shorten treatment times by as much as half) we can help.

iTero scanner technology Monacell Orthodontics


The iTero Digital Impression Scanner allows our well-trained technicians to take accurate 3-D digital images of your mouth.


The iTero Digital Impression Scanner allows our well-trained technicians to take accurate 3-D digital images of your mouth. By utilizing this digital scanning system, we eliminate the need for impressions and expedite the process of starting your treatment.

Propel V-Pro

Propel, a patented device that shortens your treatment time, reduced discomfort, and improves predictability of your treatment.

Propel V-Pro

Propel V-Pro Series®, a patented device, shortens orthodontic treatment by as much as 40%, and makes it more comfortable. Propel creates gentle micropulses which encourage rapid bone remodeling, giving you a faster and more comfortable course of treatment. It’s here. And it only takes 5 minutes a day.

Invisalign treatment Monacell Orthodontics


Invisalign® is becoming an increasingly popular choice for patients today.


The Invisalign® approach to straightening teeth utilizes a custom-made series of clear aligners created just for you. The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.

Dr. Monacell’s Innovation Revolutionized Self Ligating Braces

Several years ago, Dr. Monacell realized that self ligating braces could be even more efficient if a different-sized archwire was available to fit the brackets.  The archwire had to be small enough to fit in the bracket without “engaging the clip”, or forcing the bracket to accidentally open, and strong enough to work in conjunction with the In-Ovation system to move teeth into their correct position.  The accepted wire size at the time was .018” or .020”, neither of which were proficient during Phase 2 treatment.

Dr. Monacell researched and ultimately presented a solution:  a new archwire needed to be developed in size .022”. This size would fill the slot in the bracket and be strong enough to shift teeth with minimal discomfort.  It would not engage the clip and would therefore be the perfect solution to Phase 2 treatment with In-Ovation braces. Dr. Monacell presented his research to the Alpern Study Club, the manufacturing body of In-Ovation, and prototypes were created and studied.

Today, the Monacell Archwire .022” system is used exclusively with the In-Ovation self ligating braces system.  Dr. Monacell’s innovation has revolutionized the way In-Ovation is implemented as a Phase 2 product.



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