Clear Aligners At Home: Pros and Cons

Have you always wanted a better smile? Straightening your teeth seems to be as simple as 1-2-3 from what you see online. You’ve seen TV commercials, Facebook and Instagram ads for different companies who promise straight teeth with a low price and easy monthly payments. It seems so easy, what could go wrong?

A lot, actually. These clear aligner companies have no x-rays on you, so how do they know if you have bone loss, impacted teeth, periodontal disease or other issues that could not only prevent you from having treatment, but could lead to the loss of some of your teeth?

Sure, they assign a doctor to your case. An orthodontist or a dentist, that happens to be licensed in your state. But they never see you personally. You never get examined. Are they good at what they do? Do they understand the mechanics involved with moving teeth and will you be able to talk to them to express your concerns when things don’t go as planned? Do they understand the importance of making sure your teeth look great for your daughter’s wedding next year?

At Monacell Orthodontics, we have treated thousands of cases and we understand all of these things. Dr. Monacell will oversee every step of your treatment and we will always be here to answer questions you may have. We also offer affordable financing options. Invisalign and Braces are the same price and you can start for $189 down and $189 a month. You can even split your monthly payment into 2 payments of $94.50. Come see what makes us different. Call or text us at 804-746-0918 to set up a free consultation.

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