Common Questions People Have About Accelerated Orthodontics

Monacell Orthodontics advanced technologyAccelerated Orthodontics is a treatment that is emerging amongst many orthodontic practices. However,  because it is still so new, many people have questions regarding the procedure. Here are the answers to some of the common questions people have.

What Is Accelerated Orthodontics?

Accelerated orthodontics is a process that involves both treatment to the bone, as well as braces. This combination helps to accelerate the movement of your teeth, getting you out of braces faster.

How Is This Done?

This procedure is done by first causing slight trauma to the bones of your mouth. This is done by creating perforations in the bone and then adding bone grafts into these areas. During this perforation process, the bones are also properly shaped to enhance teeth movement. Because the bones are perforated and shaped appropriately, the teeth can slide more easily into place, thus speeding up treatment. Once this procedure has taken place, Dr. Monacell will then put on your braces.

How Much Time Can This Take Off?

Most people are in traditional braces for about 1 to 3 years. This is a long period of time, and you would likely be happy to shave off some of this time if at all possible. If you decide to go with accelerated orthodontics, you can actually reduce the amount of time that you have to wear braces by 6-9 months.

Who Does This Treatment Method Benefit?

This type of approach to orthodontics can be very beneficial to patients who need extensive dental work done in order to straighten their teeth and align their bite. This method helps with a lot of the corrective work before the braces are ever put on.

It is also a great alternative for those who would otherwise need jaw surgery in order to correct their teeth. It would also benefit anyone who would simply like to reduce the amount of time that they have to spend in braces.

How Is This Procedure Beneficial?

This procedure can be beneficial for multiple reasons. The biggest benefit for many people is the fact that it reduces your time in braces. It also helps to create more bone in your jaw by adding bone grafts into the perforated bone. This can help to strengthen the bones of your mouth, which can help you combat any loss that may have already occurred, or could occur later in life.

Another benefit is the fact that accelerated orthodontics treatment can be used in conjunction with any kind of braces. You aren’t stuck using the traditional metal braces, but can instead use other types of braces, such as Invisalign. This is a great option for adults or those who don’t like the idea of wearing noticeable braces.

What Is Recovery Like?

Your recovery will depend somewhat on how extensive the procedure is to perforate your bones and add grafts. However, just as with any major dental procedure, it is very important that you are careful with what you eat and drink in the first 24 hours after the procedure. It is best to avoid solids until your mouth is less sore and to avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold. Dr. Monacell will also likely give you medicine to help with pain and/or infection, so these things you won’t have to worry about.

New technology has allowed orthodontists to come up with new treatment methods that are incredibly beneficial to their patients. Accelerated orthodontics is one of these treatments. Asking questions about this new treatment and receiving answers can help you feel confident in your decision to move forward with the treatment and receive the desired results.

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