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When the teeth and Jaws do not fit and work together properly, it is called “malocclusion” or “bad bite”. Malocclusions may be inherited, as characterized by crowding or poorly spaced teeth. The problems are caused by a difference in the size of the teeth and Jaws or differing facial patterns of the parents. Malocclusions may also be acquired. Examples include malocclusions caused by finger sucking, tongue thrusting, airway obstruction or loss or retention of primary teeth. And, as much as parents’ primary objective of orthodontic treatment is to put beautiful smiles on their children’s faces, orthodontists realize the necessity of restoring proper function to their bites. Thus, the goal is to achieve both for the patient.

Whether you are 6 or 60, appearance is an important aspect of your life. Your smile affects your looks and helps communicate your thoughts and emotions. If your teeth are crooked and your profile is uneven, you may feel self-conscious about your looks. You may stop smiling or cover your mouth when you laugh. You do not have to spend your life embarrassed; orthodontic treatment can improve your smile.

With orthodontic technology constantly evolving, treatment can be done now using Invisalign. This is a great option for all ages and can be done on most any type of case. If you would like to learn more about getting the smile you want, call or text us at 804-746-0918. We now offer virtual consultations as well!

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