Phase 1 Interceptive Treatment

Recognizing an orthodontic problem at an early age does not always result in early treatment. Treatment is initiated on the basis of selecting the optimum time to treat any particular problem. Some problems are best addressed during adolescence. On the other hand, there are problems that lend themselves to early intervention, known as Interceptive Treatment. By taking advantage of the facial growth and tooth eruption, the orthodontist can lessen a problem’s severity and make any treatment at a later age less expensive and time consuming. Interceptive Treatment can be particularly effective in avoiding fracture or loss of protruding teeth, ensuring proper jaw alignment, eliminating adverse habits, correcting crossbite and other problems.

Early Interceptive Treatment can prevent the need for extractions of permanent teeth to correct overcrowding. Such treatment can also prevent surgical procedures that are sometimes needed to align the upper and lower jaws. Although there are numerous advantages to an early diagnosis and treatment, orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age.

With advances in technology, many Interceptive Treatment cases can be done with Invisalign, which has a special product for younger children called Invisalign First. Traditional appliances are also still used for parents who want an option that is not removable. However, we find that most young children do very well with Invisalign.

Here is an illustration of some common problems to look for in your child.

tooth issue chart

If you notice that your child has any of these issues above, call us for a free consultation. All children should be evaluated by the age of 7, even if you do not notice these issues. Many do not need treatment at that age, but an evaluation can also identify future issues that may arise. Call us today at 804-746-0918 or visit our website at for more ways to schedule your consultation.

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