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TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, involves problems with the joints located on both sides of your jaw. Due to injury or illness, this condition can cause patients extreme pain and difficulty speaking and chewing. If you suspect you have TMJ, Dr. Monacell can help.

While all causes of TMJ haven’t been identified, experts believe that injuries to your head, neck, and jaw may lead to the condition.

For instance, those who’ve been in an automobile accident are susceptible to TMJ problems. Also, grinding and clenching your teeth, arthritis, and stress can be factors.

Dr. Monacell can help you identify the cause of your TMJ.


The symptoms of TMJ include the following:

  • Pain in the temporomandibular joint(s)
  • Difficulty chewing

  • Painful jaw

  • Ear pain

  • Jaw lock

  • Jaw clicking sound combined with pain

Treatment For TMJ

Once Dr. Monacell has diagnosed TMJ, he will determine the best treatment for your particular case. For some patients, the symptoms disappear without intervention. Others get better with the help of medications like pain relievers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants.  Treatment options for a TMJ disorder may include:
  • An oral splint or mouth guard for you in order to reduce grinding pressure on your teeth and jaw.
  • Physical therapy is also an option and includes jaw-strengthening exercises, ultrasound treatments, and heat and ice applications.
  • An anterior positioning appliance to move the lower jaw forward…relieving pressure on the TMJ. In order to let the jaw heal, you may be required to wear this type of appliance throughout the day and night.

  • An orthotic stabilization appliance, which can be either worn for 24 hours or only while sleeping. Its function is to gently allow your lower jaw to move back into its proper position, as well as allow the TMJ to heal.



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