Meet the Doctor

Dr. John Monacell


Dr. John F. Monacell was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Arlington, VA. He is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and earned a degree in dentistry from The Medical College of Virginia. He has also completed the prestigious Roth Course of Advanced Orthodontics. At MCV, he was the recipient of a variety of academic awards including the A. D. Williams Award for first in his class. Dr. Monacell received Honorable Mention in the specialty of Orthodontics in the 6th Annual OurHealth Magazine for Richmond’s Best Bedside Manner Awards in 2018. He is also honored to receive the Virginia Living Magazine 2018 Top Dentist Award. Dr. Monacell proudly served in the United States Air Force before establishing his private practice in the Sandston community in 1978.

Dr. Monacell, his beautiful wife Jane and their precious granddaughter Brooklyn.

Dr. Monacell’s commitment to continuing education allows him and his staff to be up to date on the most innovative techniques. The team continues to focus on growth and development, functional jaw orthopedics, facial aesthetics, and adult orthodontic treatment. Dr. Monacell has taught at the Dental School of MCV and has lectured to numerous professional organizations. He is a member of various professional and civic organizations and has served as president of the MCV Orthodontic Education and Research Foundation, two local Rotary Clubs, and founding board member and Chairman of the Chickahominy YMCA. He also serves as an elder at Sandston Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Monacell and his wife, Jane, have two grown daughters, Amy and Emily. His hobbies include boating, fishing, photography, and being a grandparent.

Dr. Monacell’s Innovation Revolutionized Self Ligating Braces

Several years ago, Dr. Monacell realized that self ligating braces could be even more efficient if a different-sized archwire was available to fit the brackets. The archwire had to be small enough to fit in the bracket without “engaging the clip”, or forcing the bracket to accidentally open, and strong enough to work in conjunction with the In-Ovation system to move teeth into their correct position. The accepted wire size at the time was .018” or .020”, neither of which were proficient during Phase 2 treatment.

Dr. Monacell researched and ultimately presented a solution: a new archwire needed to be developed in size .022”. This size would fill the slot in the bracket and be strong enough to shift teeth with minimal discomfort. It would not engage the clip and would therefore be the perfect solution to Phase 2 treatment with In-Ovation braces. Dr. Monacell presented his research to the Alpern Study Club, the manufacturing body of In-Ovation, and prototypes were created and studied.

Today, the Monacell Archwire .022” system is used exclusively with the In-Ovation self ligating braces system. Dr. Monacell’s innovation has revolutionized the way In-Ovation is implemented as a Phase 2 product.